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Reserve Program

The Doraville Police Reserve Program is comprised of members who volunteer their time to fulfill many of the roles handled by full-time sworn Police Officers. Reserve Officers receive the same training as full-time Officers and work alongside them in every aspect of Department operations.

Reserve Officer Program

The Doraville Police Department is seeking qualified Reserve Police Officers for lateral entry into its Police Reserve Program. Lateral Reserve Officers will not have to attend another academy, only orientation-type training to become familiar with DPD policies and procedures. Applicants must have graduated from a Georgia POST approved academy. Candidates will be required to successfully complete the same processing criteria which is required for a Doraville Police Officer.

The Rewards of Becoming a Reserve Officer

Reserve Officers are generally not content to play a passive role in life. Instead, they continue to devote more and more of their time and talents to the City of Doraville. They “get involved” for the betterment of their community, and by doing so, live up to the Reserve Corps’ motto, “To be a Reserve is to be twice a citizen.”

Department personnel who have been associated with the Police Reserve Program are continually impressed by the performance and dedication of its members.

How do the Reserve Officers fit into the organization of the Doraville Police Department? Because of the standards, the selection process, and the training program for Reserve Officers, their acceptance by regular members of the Department has been extremely favorable. Some Patrol Officers even request to be assigned to work with a particular Reserve Officer. Reserve Officers have received numerous commendations for their actions in the field and are highly valued members of the DPD team.


Must be a US Citizen (POST requirement)
High School Diploma (or GED equivalent)
Must possess a valid Georgia Class C Driver’s License
Must be at least 21 years of age
No felony convictions during lifetime
No termination for cause from a local, state, or national civil service organization
If certified, must maintain a valid POST certification with required 20 hours of training
No discharge from any military organization less that honorable


Psychological Evaluation
Physical Fitness Evaluation
Physical and Drug Screen
Certified Voice Stress Analysis
Oral Panel Interview
Comprehensive Background Investigation


Police equipment and uniforms are provided by the Doraville Police Department


Reserve Officers, after graduating from the academy, are required to work a minimum of 20 hours every month and attend mandatory monthly Reserve Officer meetings.