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Doraville Animal Control

Doraville Animal Control does NOT handle wild animals (non-domesticated).  For a list of contractors who have this capability, please check out the Georgia Department of Natural Resources list found here.

The following is a list of common questions or calls for service that Animal Control receives:

  1. When the temperature outside is above 86 degrees the city ordinance states the dog should be brought indoors or a shaded area that is below 86 degrees.
  2. When the temperature outside is below 32 degrees the city ordinance states the dog or cat should be brought indoors. A dog house outside is unacceptable.
  3. Remember when walking your dog outside and off your property the dog must have a leash on. Also please pick up after your dog goes potty and dispose of it properly when off your property. For example, small trash bag.
  4. If you are going to the store please leave your dog or cat at home. Remember even if you crack your windows on a hot day the temperature inside the vehicle is double the temperature outside.
  5. If your dog is on a trolley system either front or back yard. Please make sure your dog has easy access to food and water. Also remember with the trolley system the dog can only be on the trolley system till 10 p.m.
  6. Please make sure to walk around your property especially after a storm and check your fencing to make sure no damage has occurred where your dog could escape.
  7. In Doraville you are only allowed either up to 3 Dogs or Cats per household. Excluding Fish and Birds.
  8. You can NOT own or possess Chickens, Goats, Sheep or any other livestock on your property in Doraville.
  9. Remember to get your Dog or Cat a Rabies Vaccination every year unless you get the 3-year Vaccination. Also put the paperwork from the vet’s office that is in an easy place to find and put the Rabies tag on the dog or cats’ collar.
  10. Doraville Animal Control doesn’t deal with Coyotes or any other wildlife such as snakes, opossums which doesn’t carry the Rabie virus. Raccoons, Deer etc. If you have an issue with wildlife you can contact a local professional trapper. Also, most pest control companies now deal with the removal of certain wildlife. Also, you can contact Department of Natural Resources (DNR) if you have a wildlife issue.
  11. Please make sure to get your dogs groomed regularly especially small dogs. The hair can get matted also in and around the ears can get infections. The dog’s nails need to be trimmed because long nails can be painful for dogs.
  12. Remember especially during the spring and summer months to get your dog or cat a flea collar or ointment. Also brushing them especially if they have been near a wooded area for ticks.
  13. Please if you are going to let your dogs out of the house in the morning to go potty have them on a leash or be outside with them the whole time. Making sure they don’t run out in the road and they are safe.
  14. If you see a loose dog or any animal complaints please contact Doraville Police Department at 770-455-1000