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Shane Wilson

On November 14, 2011 at approximately 0131 hrs uniformed officers were dispatched to a violent home invasion in progress. Upon arrival of officers, contact was made with two suspects in the rear of the location. Both suspects immediately fled on foot and into a wooded area south of the location. Officers apprehended one of the suspects in the wood line and one suspect continued to flee. While officers pursued the suspects, other officers secured the residence and checked on the occupants. Upon securing the location; weapons, gloves and other items were located where the suspects were first spotted by officers outside the location. The Criminal Investigation Division’s on-call detective was notified of the situation.
Detective Shane Wilson was the on-call detective at this time period and he advised that he was responding. While awaiting Detective Wilson’s arrival, additional detectives arrived and advised that they would be assisting Detective Wilson with the investigation. As time passed, Detective Wilson did not arrive on scene and attempts to re-contact Detective Wilson were unsuccessful. Just before 0300hrs, the Doraville Police Department received a call from a DeKalb Police Department Lieutenant.
The Lieutenant advised that he was on scene of a major motor vehicle accident involving Detective Shane Wilson in his assigned police vehicle. He further advised that Detective Wilson did not survive the accident and that DeKalb Police TSU was en-route to investigate the accident. Through the investigation by DeKalb Police TSU, it was determined that Detective Wilson was struck head on by an intoxicated driver. The intoxicated driver was traveling eastbound in the westbound lanes of Interstate 20 in DeKalb County, Georgia.
Detective Shane Wilson, at the time of his death, was on-duty and en-route to assist fellow officers in the investigation and apprehension of suspects from a violent crime that had occurred in the City of Doraville.
Detective Wilson had a bright future at the Doraville Police Department that was taken away by a senseless act. Shane’s loss has left a void that will never be filled. We will never forget Shane and his family will always be a part of ours. His memory will live in our hearts forever.