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Detention Center

The Doraville detention center is a temporary holding facility. The center has 52 beds and 5 holding cells in the intake area. The facility does not allow visitation. However, inmates are allowed to meet with attorneys.

In addition, the detention center is equipped with AFIS, the latest in fingerprint technology, which allows staff to quickly identify and process all inmates. The Doraville detention facility also houses inmates from the Marta Police Department and the Georgia State Patrol. The detention officers are charged with the booking/identification process and housing inmates. In addition, the detention officer do cell checks and inspections of the jail cells to ensure inmate and officer safety.

Job Description

Provide and maintain care and custody of prisoners that are being detained in the City facility. Book prisoners in City facility, gather accurate information, complete paperwork including fingerprinting and photographing prisoners; escort prisoners before judge, provide information, file arrest records into the computer and ensure that files are accurately kept on prisoners; perform Intoxilizer tests as required. Provide a support system for police officers and act as a liaison between the courts, the Doraville Police Department and all other appropriate agencies. Assist Patrol by taking walk-in calls. Subject to assignments that consist of shift work on days, evenings, nights, weekends and/or holidays. This is an essential services position, and the incumbent may be required to provide services during emergency situations such as a hurricane.