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For the electronic age, juggling several girl at any given time is far more complex than simply worrying all about a couple of incriminating traces of lipstick on collar. With all the introduction of cell phones, text messages, and IMing, the chance of one’s lovelies finding-out about one another-and messing up your own winning streak-has never been greater. To stay in the online game, you should clear out your playbook.


You don’t need to be sprinting to and fro between two restaurants like Jack Tripper in a bout of Three’s Company to risk “Ms. Appropriate” discovering about “Ms. Immediately.” All you have to carry out is create one technical slipup. Listed Here Are the suggestions for residing in the obvious…

Risk Zone 1: Social-networking sites (eg MySpace or Facebook)

You’ll be able to believe any girl you date will see the page sooner or later observe who’s left you emails and the other way around.


End up being discriminating whenever letting ladies to share opinions. In relation to “adding” folks, it is best should you decide get all or nothing. If you should be “friends” while using the nude nymphos under the sun, might desensitize their and she’s going to presume you want to look prominent. Also remember, it doesn’t matter what the connection progresses, to help keep your profile condition set-to “joining the swinger,” never “single” or “in a relationship”; it includes an air of puzzle and confidentiality. If she asks, simply inform her it is a tale.

Damage control:

She offhandedly asks you how you know that smiling redhead together with the enormous tits. “pick crazy-ex-girlfriend excuse-I just inform ladies that my ex remains hung-up on me personally and is usually bothering me about all of those other females to my web page,” states Barry, 24.

Risk Zone 2: Texting

Your cellular isn’t only a cell phone, it really is an union journal, delineating every covert action you make.

Game plan:

What you may carry out, don’t actually keep the telephone unattended or unlocked, especially if this lady has the opportunity to snag it. Text facing her as few as possible; unless it is an emergency, save it for whenever you check out the might. Or, if you must text whenever she actually is when you look at the room, keep responses brief-one phrase and on occasion even one letter is perfect. And don’t forget, whenever you state you might be texting the mommy a “happy birthday” message, she is making a mental note to check in case your mom’s birthday in fact is these days. Ultimately: Erase, delete, delete.

Harm control:

She backs you into a large part, smoking coming out of the woman ears, and asks about “Dana.” Roll your own vision and make fun of. “Richie Dana,” you explain. “It’s not his error his final name’s Dana-give me personally some slack.” Another away: “I guarantee we generate male aliases for women just who often blow up my personal telephone the quintessential,” claims Jordan, 29. “Like Amy turns out to be Aaron an such like.” Initials operate in a pinch at the same time.

Danger Area 3: Email

Many a new player’s life style has-been marred by a failure to log out.


A woman would youn’t trust you will allow it to be her life’s try to hack in the e-mail. Thus versus making use of your dog’s title or even the street you spent my youth on because password, make use of innovative passwords that are combinations of emails and figures that merely you could know (and 123456 isn’t really one of them). It’s adviseable to disable the snacks and cache on your computer and so the equipment never ever attempts to recall your access codes for your needs. Or, better still, in the event your girl definitely has got to use your device to evaluate the woman email, decide to try setting-up individual, password-protected is the reason you and the girl. This safeguards not merely your own e-mail but additionally requirements for instance the links to porn in your Web-browser favorites. If she asks what’s up with all the requirements, play stupid and tell her you don’t can change them down.

Harm control:

Because the worst that will occur is that she’s going to access your email archive, you should not make it easy for their to bust you if she breaks in. Go possibly incriminating communications from your mass email dish into especially labeled files with the most boring-sounding labels you can contemplate: “work,” “term report study,” “fantasy basketball group,” or anything you believe she’ll be least prone to start if this woman is trying to see what you have been around. Or just build several email records, and rehearse a different one to woo all of your females. By doing this, should she enter into the only e-mail profile she knows about, the only real emails she will see are the ones you’ve sent her.


Her traditional plays will get you anytime, if you do not stick to our very own unique precautions.

The Friday Night Fake-Out

Its monday night and all of three of your girls tend to be calling you when it comes down to strategy. Manage your time and effort precisely, though, and nonetheless hold all of them pleased. “breakup your times in line with the status you assign your own women,” states Matt Titus, a matchmaking professional and creator of For example, from 5:00 to 7:30, propose to hang using the chatty, social lady you really have enjoyable with but will most likely not understand that really. Then specify the 8:30 to 11:30 time slot for all the girl just who positions highest in your number. She is the only you worry about one particular, and you will benefit by far the most from paying your dues along with her. Make her for your eventual deviation in early stages, though, advising the lady you must go back home very early to blow time on a big work for work. Might win things in making time on her behalf despite your hectic and frantic schedule. Eventually, set-up a gathering making use of the “Yes Thing” when it comes to hours soon after midnight. This ought to be the girl you are keen on bagging than keeping available for the long term. Plus, through this time of the evening, she actually is certain to end up being liquored up and prepared play.

In case you are having difficulty breaking from the one of the girls, assign one of the many trusted wingmen to text you with a crisis. Titus suggests the no-fail information, “guy, the toilet flooded the restroom, ASSIST!” as soon as you repeat the message aloud, she will happily deliver away without marking along. Friends much less dependable just like you’d like? Pass yourself an automatic message-or a number of, set to appear just a couple of mins apart-from a niche site like Be sure that you try out this service membership initially, and conserve the email target the test message is distributed from under somebody’s title so your inbound crisis seems genuine.

The Liar’s Loophole

You told Sara you’re with Jason yesterday as soon as you happened to be actually with Kelly during the movies, once she noticed him during the store, your expected wingman blew your own cover. Busted! In the same manner in poker, there are numerous “tells” that will have a lady eyeing you suspiciously. “guys with accomplished wrong tend to send shame,” says Greg Dillon, M.D., a psychiatrist and associate professor at nyc Weill Cornell clinic. “Stuttering or hesitating before responding to concerns or going into long-winded explanations are movements which can be most likely to provide them away.”

To remain in the obvious, always make sure your buddy understands your own strategy, and just have him protect obtainable at all costs. And produce plans B in the event, so-if confronted-you can certainly still remain cool and accumulated. If all else fails, continue to be deadpan and cling feverishly to details (perform, “I did not sleep with that woman”), or just declare that she misunderstood. (“are you currently positive it was not Jason’s buddy, Carl? They may be very difficult to differentiate.”)

The Data Eraser

Stray hairs, candid photos, and wrapper shreds are the three biggest potential deal-breakers every user should monitor. If the brunette discovers a long, blonde tresses, discover an immediate out: Blame the cleaning woman or your own landlord, or maybe just toss the indiscretion back at their. Shrug and state, “How do I understand you’re not internet dating Fabio on the side and don’t bring it in yourself? You simply can’t be significant.” Stay away from prospective paparazzi mishaps as well. Make certain all photographs you pose for-especially at parties-are in a team, never ever one-on-one. This way, if she sees the photo at a pal’s household and requires about it, you can say, “she actually is together with the guy next to the lady.”

In terms of “protection,” we commend you to be accountable and keeping jimmies available to you. But those suckers could be smoking weapons in case you are perhaps not careful. Your girl is unquestionably using supply, therefore replenish everything you take-or pony up for a few boxes at a time, and then leave one at every women’s location and that means you have them. And certainly, if you give their more than the second to check out it, she will observe that microscopic bit of gold-and-black foil included in a Trojan Magnum. Tell the woman oahu is the wrapper from a peanut butter glass. Then distract the girl, pronto.

The Sleepover Switcheroo

About the lady spending the evening at your destination, Titus’ information is easy: “split your own women into two classes: the TFS women (or Thursday, Friday, Saturday) and also the Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday women,” he states. “The TFS ladies are the ones you intend to spend high quality time with, as the latter class are the ladies you are merely getting to know.” In any event, make sure you change your sheets as much because do your ladies.

Do not forget to vacuum and place apart fresh bathroom towels, sometimes. a misplaced bath towel she is accustomed making use of or perhaps the lingering aroma of some other female’s perfume throughout the pillow is all the proof she has to kick you to definitely the curb.

As well as in the outcome of a double booking, never ever undervalue the worth of a family group engagement-tell the woman she cannot remain because Grandma’s coming over each morning to elevates to brunch. She won’t argue with you for fear of coming off as a bratty bitch.


In regards as a result of it, controlling a bevy of hotties is generally time intensive and tiring. But just who says you simply can’t get it all? Any time you seek to keep the woman satisfied, she will will never need grounds to doubt you.