Video captures Doraville cell phone store robber

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Monday evening's incident involved a black man with a beard wearing a green sweater holding him and a co-worker up at gunpoint. The man walked out with their cell phones, a Rolex and more than $1,000 in cash.

Video captures Doraville cell phone store robber

This isn't the first time the cell phone store Minh Nguyen works in was robbed at gun point.

"They see money is so easy to get," Nguyen lamented. "They just come in, point the gun and get the money."

A similar incident happened to the store, called ATL Wireless, back in May. And Nguyen thinks the two robbers may be connected, because of something Monday's robber asked for.

"He asked for money. He said, ‘That's not it, where's the box? Where's another box of money?'" Nguyen said. "He asked for exactly the same box I use for paying bills."

Nguyen said after May's robbery, the store added more security, but that it may not be enough.

"Last time I didn't have a camera," Nguyen said. "Now I have a camera, I don't think anybody would come in here but he still came in here."

The busy shopping centers that line Buford Highway, where ATL Wireless is located, has generally been safe, Nguyen said - until recently.

"There's no safety anymore. It used to be safe," Nguyen said. "I've been working for seven years now. It didn't happen ‘til lately."

Doraville police want anyone with possible information on the suspect to call them at (678) 530-2005.