V.I. boxers return from Georgia with belts

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Five U.S. Virgin Islands Boxing Federation amateur boxers, along with their coaches, recently got the chance to show off their skills at the Paul Murphy Title Boxing Tournament Southwest Championships from Friday to Monday in Doraville, Ga.

V.I. boxers return from Georgia with belts Photo by USVI BOXING FEDERATION

The tournament hosted more than 500 boxers from across the country.

The federation's youngest boxer, 12-year-old Cuthbert Dabrio, made his debut in Atlanta boxing at 83 pounds with his opponent from Ohio.

Cuthbert started the first round with a flurry of punches, setting the pace for the rest of the match. He ended up winning the bout and was given the belt. His first time in the ring was on Aug. 17 in an exhibition match against a Puerto Rico boxer.

Jose Peguero - one of the federation's most decorated up-and-coming fighters - boxed twice in the 152-pound open class. On Saturday, he won against an opponent from Indiana, and on Sunday, he won against an opponent from Atlanta. Peguero started Round 1 with punches to the body and landing power punches throughout the match, which slowed his opponent. This is Peguero's third belt and he remains the reigning champion in his weight class.

Heavyweight boxer Clayton Laurent Jr. boxed in the 200-plus Open class against an opponent from Atlanta. Laurent stopped his opponent in the third round with a left hook to the body. This is Laurent's third belt and he remains the reigning champion in his weight class.

Trai Mahoney boxed at 118 pounds as a novice against an opponent from Philadelphia. Many thought that Mahoney outpunched his opponent, but the judges awarded the match to his opponent.

Tiffany Reddick was unopposed in the tournament. Tournament officials informed us that although Reddick is still considered a novice with only seven fights under her belt, her international experience put her ahead of the other female boxers attending the tournament. Because of this, officials said she was "too experienced" to step in the ring.

Because of the USVIBF's success at the tournament, the federation has been invited to participate in other tournaments throughout the U.S.

For more information, contact the USVIBF at 227-3158 or 227-3159.