Update from Chief King

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Chief King wanted to update you with the current situation and recommendations for the next 24 Hrs in the City.

Update from Chief King

We have been fortunate, most citizens have stayed off the roads, reducing the number of accidents to a minimum/ the ice has covered the streets and is hard packed. The county and GADOT does not have sufficient equipment to clear county roads. Their focus is the freeways, currently we have moves or rescued a large number of 18 wheelers off 285. The need to this is to ensure that commodities being transported will become very scarce. The average wait time for wreckers is 2 to 3 hours and for large trucks is longer.

The weather is expected to rise above freezing this afternoon, but only for a few hours, followed by yet the lowest temperatures in our city. This short relative warming, followed by a hard freeze will cause many to get a false sense that the crisis is over and they will attempt to drive. I also understand that families especially with small children have been homebound and will be getting a cabin fever effect and will want to drive around. The conditions of the roads especially 285 and 85 are reduced to one lane and the state authorities are considering closing all the ramps to ensure that large trucks moving food stuffs to markets, seniors homes and hospitals get through. The weather is expected to continue below freezing until Friday or Saturday.

Chief King is encouraging people not to drive on the roads. Hope everyone is staying warm further updates on closings later today.