Sewage spill prompts blanketing response from local officials

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DORAVILLE, Ga. – On Monday, November 19th, a sewage leak in Doraville’s industrial sector contaminated roughly 40 square yards of soil and permeated the immediate area with the smell of excrement.   Industrial Water Treatment, located at 2600ASchool Drive, has been identified by local authorities as the likely source of the spillage.

Sewage spill prompts blanketing response from local officials
Industrial Water Treatment is a business that accepts septagefrom contractors that pump septic tanks.  The company treats the water with various agents and mechanically separates the solids from the liquids.  The solids are hauled away to a land fill and the liquids go, by way of the private sewer line, into the DeKalb County sewer system.
For the last two days, officials from Doraville, DeKalb County and the Board of Health have been investigating the site.  On Monday, officials issued notices to the owner to cease operations, repair the leaks, and clean up the affected area by Wednesday, November 21st.  The notices were accompanied by citations from City and County inspectors. Since Monday, remediation efforts have been feverishly mounted by the facility’s owners at their own expense.
The clean-up effort is being closely monitored by inspectorsfrom all three local agencies and, although a serious violation of local Ordinances and state law, the incident has not been deemed a threat to surrounding businesses and nearby neighborhoods.  The City has learned that Industrial Water Treatment will be shutting down its operations at this site.
“This is obviously an unacceptable incident.  The City, County and Board of Health’s response to the incident has been swift and thorough.  Authoritative recourse and appropriate remedies have been applied, and local officials will closely monitor the clean-up until it is complete,” said Mayor Donna Pittman.