Severe weather update from Mayor Pittman

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The National Weather Service (NWS) is predicting a winter storm consisting of snow, sleet and ice for Tuesday, Wednesday and possibly Thursday. 

Severe weather update from Mayor Pittman Severe Weather

Updated: 2/11/2014

The Atlanta metro area is experiencing a severe winter weather emergency that will last through Thursday.

The National Weather Service is predicting ice accumulation of up to 1Ž4 inch.  Additionally the NWS is expecting sustained winds of up to 25mph on Wednesday.  This means it is likely that power outages will occur.

Temperatures are not expected to go above freezing until noon on Thursday.

City Hall and other non-essential city operations will be closed today, Wednesday and Thursday.

DeKalb County Schools will also be closed tomorrow, February 12.

Please remember these important safety tips...

Heavy ice accumulation and high winds can cause downed power lines.  Stay as far away from downed power lines as possible.

If you can avoid driving, please do so.

Get prepared today so you can stay off the streets during the worse part of the storm.

Remember, if you are using a form of supplemental heat such as space heaters, wood burning    stoves or fireplaces, please make sure you have proper ventilation to avoid carbon monoxide build-up in your home.

As you did during the last storm, please be sure to check on your neighbors throughout this event.

Avoid parking your car on the street, if you can, to avoid being hit by sliding vehicles

Anyone experiencing a power outage should report the problem to Georgia Power at 1-888-891-0938. In case of a power outage, the City will have emergency shelters available

Please contact the Doraville Police Department at 770-455-1000 if you are in need of emergency shelter.  If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mayor Pittman at 678-677-6629.