Memorial service honors fallen DeKalb office

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It was a fitting tribute to a Doraville police officer killed by a drunk driver. DeKalb County leaders honored Detective Robert Shane Wilson in the Decatur Square on Wednesday.

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Memorial service honors fallen DeKalb office

It's a move that comes after state officials declined to do so, insisting the officer's death was not in the line of duty.

Wilson was called out to a SWAT call from his home when he was struck and killed head-on by a drunk driver on Interstate 20 in November 2011.

A few months later the family was hoping he would be one of the fallen officers recognized by the state for 2011. The state did not, ruling that the DeKalb officer did not die in the line of duty since he was responding to a call when he was hit.

Wilson's family was appreciative for the show of support by DeKalb County officials.

"My wife and I, having retired from DeKalb police, we got a lot of wreaths here. It's so humbling for our son to be honored here for losing his life in the line of duty," said Robert Wilson's father, Jim Wilson.

Doraville's police chief, John King, and the family of Wilson say Governor Deal and his office are assisting in having Wilson's case revisited and the state's language tweaked to clarify the wording of "line of duty."