Doraville arrest has ripple effects through Metro Area

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Doraville arrest has ripple effects through Metro Area when one of their off duty officers observe what appeared to be a car being broken into.

Doraville arrest has ripple effects through Metro Area

Officer Barber described the fleeing vehicle, a white Magnum, as it leaves the area and is stopped for a traffic violation.

This is when it gets interesting.

Upon approaching the pulled over vehicle, officers notice numerous GPS units, cameras, laptops, 2 handguns and more in the vehicle.

Mean while back at that break in site, another officer notices 2 vehicles with signs of being broken into.

Doraville Police are able to obtain 24 warrants against the 3 member team;

Jahmoni Martin-25

Charles Thomas-29

Rico Kimble-31

All are charged with 2 counts of entering Auto, 2 counts of Criminal damage 2nd degree and 2 counts of Theft by receiving Firearm.

Thomas and Kimble receive 3 extra charges each of Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon.

But for all purposes this story is done, but wait there is more.

Doraville CID then starts to run the serial numbers of the recovered items from the alleged suspect’s vehicle. The serial numbers come back to other thefts in other areas. Crimes in Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Cobb County and Dunwoody are now being investigated and solved by the attentiveness of an off duty officer.

So far the total number of cars broken in to is up 15 and growing.